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Greetings to you all,

I have decided to postpone our next newsletter and to rather write a few words about this Corona Virus which has taken us all offsides and the whole world by storm in a surprising short space in time and has instilled so much fear and panic. I never thought I would ever in my lifetime, see the whole world grind to a halt and to find so many countries in true isolation and so many businesses closed and so many good people out of work.
It does not help to ponder on how this all happened because it “is what it is now” and it is going to take a lot of faith, resilience, good sense, determination and a positive attitude to see this pandemic through to the light. All we can hope for is that this virus is short lived and that some sort of normalcy will return soon to all of our lives finding ourselves still in good health.
I feel extremely sorry for the small businesses that cannot afford to close but have to, the people out of work who can barely live from paycheck to paycheck and the younger children who cannot even start to understand what is going on.
We also think with compassion for those who have lost and will lose loved ones who will have to live with and endure the pain.
We are part of the greater tourism industry (particularly the Glamping sector) which is reeling as a result of this virus as are we part of so many individuals’ lives’ who only dreamed of having a personal luxury tent.
We are a loving, honest two-family business partnership with Johan at the helm of our manufacturing and myself at the helm of our marketing and sales but no matter what transpires over the next months, we will all be there for our customers big and small and for those who still have the drive and ability to keep on moving forward.
Italy has been particularly hard hit by the virus and we have 10 tents at the moment in transit on the ocean headed to our clients near Livorno. I was supposed to go out next month to help set these tents up but sadly that will not happen so we will be assisting them with a remote setup program so they can be ready to open when this virus threat abates.
We are all taking great precautions to stay safe and we will keep working because this is our passion and we love what we do and if business slows down, we will start to work on some new designs and we are constantly working on improvements and new eco-friendly and new-tech materials.
Be sure to keep your loved ones close, be aware of what is going on around you, use common sense and stock up on essentials to stay healthy and safe. For everything there is a season and this virus too shall pass

Take care,

Paul Zway
For and on behalf of us all at Exclusive Tents.

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Our focus and passion is to provide canvas and tent structures which have a low impact on the surrounding environment. In doing so, we have opened the door for many architects looking to develop in environmentally sensitive areas. This in turn, means that places like beaches and islands, which are protected, can now be enjoyed without any harm to the area.

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