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Did you know that Exclusive Tents offers a supervised setup service? This service is great for projects with multiple tents and tight deadlines. We’ll fly out and train your crew how to setup one or two of the structures and when we’re done, your crew will be efficiant and fast with a full understanding of our designs so that your development will be done on time.

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What is an Exclusive Tent? It’s a canvas glamping tent that has been elevated in quality/ strength and size to be suitable for full time 4 season living. What makes it different from other glamping tents? The frame design is THE thickest and strongest design in the industry and can be made to endure the harshest and corrosive environments. Another feature that makes this tent different is the lifespan of the canvas which boasts and unmatchable 25+ years with proper care.

These may be the only tent structures that focus on the seams running vertically to eliminate any weak links since these types of structures are under a lot for vertical tension.

To sum it all up: these are designed to be a full time canvas home or accommodation.

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👏 Quality 👏 Control.

Here at Exclusive Tents we pride ourselves on crafting the worlds most beautiful and durable tents for full time living… you know that right? We actually don’t make your tent until you order it, it’s specially made with care for you. Once we complete the tent we’ll actually set it up and inspect every last stitch before we prepare it to ship out 🙌.

Sumari dropped by the factory today and participated in the QC process and sent me some pictures and videos. Have a sneak peek @everyone🫣 (I’ll roll the videos out in time)

Question: Hey Exclusive Tents, once I place my order, how long will it be until it arrives?

Answer: Hey @everyone, keep in mind that most of our orders (depending on the model and quantity) takes about 8 -10 weeks to manufacture. Shipping times may vary depending on the port of destination. On average, it takes between 30 and 45 days to ship your order via ocean freight. We also offer airfreight, which is significantly faster on average 5-7 days but is a more expensive option.

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How can Exclusive Tents be used to protect the environment and become eco friendly? The answer is quite simple: It starts with a bit of an elevated deck. There is no need to scar the land and chop the trees to clear a “pad” if you don’t want to. With an elevated deck there will only be a few post holes to support the structure. Plan to build the deck to wrap around existing trees and incorporate them, they are a feature!

If ever you wanted to demolish your site then there would be very minimal evidence that the structure(s) were ever there… just a few post holes.

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When you provide the people a blank canvas, they begin to show you how brilliant they truly are. This amazing place comes from the minds of the folks at @tiarasaescapes . Tents provided by Exclusive Tents. What would you do with your blank canvas? Your thoughts in the comments.🙏

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Exclusive Tents are a investment and an excellent/unique way to start your own accommodation business. Many of our clients see a return on their investment within 8-12 months. Every photo you see on this page is a wonderful success story. Now THAT is thinking outside of the box!

💡🤔+ ⛺️= 💰🤩

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Evenings in New Zealand 🇳🇿 in an Exclusive Tents “kambaku” tent is quite the vibe 😍. Thanks to @orchardvalleyglamping for making this a reality for us all 🙏🏻.

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A video tour of the notorious “Nest of Hotsprings”! While Brian and I were supervising a setup to expand the nest, we had the rare privilege and opportunity to tour and film this amazing glamping tent. I hope you enjoy!

⛺️ by: Exclusive Tents

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Here is a tour of a freshly setup custom Exclusive Tents “Phelwane tent”. This is just minutes after we completed the setup so it is still a very raw construction site. Please enjoy, listen to my commentary and please post any questions or comments 🙌

Crafted for @the_nest_hs 2.0 AKA The Covy”

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From our family to yours: Merry 🎄 , Happy Hanukkah 🕎 and happy holidays! Stay cozy and keep your family close ❤️

-Exclusive Tents ⛺️

Some comments from our Master Canvas Crafters during the quality control of this Exclusive Tents. “It came out absolutely perfect”

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Here at Exclusive Tents we are no stranger to “FAQ’s”! This is because there is a lot to know about these premium structures. Here are a couple of questions we get a lot that I’ll answer in this post.

From where do the tents ship and where are they made?

Our tents are made and shipped directly from our factory in South Africa to any destination port worldwide. We handle all freight logistics to the destination port, where the customer or their agent takes over. Durban is the dispatch port for ocean freight and JNB is the dispatch port for air freight. Please note we have worked with a customs clearing agent company that has extensive knowledge in handling the majority of our USA clientele. This company bills the client directly and there is absolutely zero commissions received by us for recommending their services.

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