matlakusa sm

Estimated Age: 35 plus years
Status: Alive

Special features:

  • Long but thin symmetrical ivory that thins out towards the end
  • Left tusk slightly longer than the right.
  • Distinctive scar on left flank close to the hind leg.

Home range:

Core range area include Satao, Mukwaju and Voi river dam. Moves to areas outside park boundary at times.


  • Calm when approached in a vehicle.
  • Aggressive when in musth.

Security threats:

  • Moves to areas outside park boundary at times into unsafe areas where elephants have been poached using poison arrows in the past.

Other notes:

  • Sighted several times before being named and added to the Big Tusker Database.

Source – https://elephantconservation.org/fundraising/donate/sponsor2/