What will your tent come with?

48.80mm steel roof frame (industry standard 38mm) with a new extra rust resistant epoxy paint with mild steel frames
700 GSM PVC rain fly
90% shade fly
Pre manufactured 550 GSM canvas tent body (standard canvas without insulation or blockout properties)
Square tubing (for securing walls to the platform)
Body poles
Zip-up graphite PVC coated windows and doors - screened with inner and outer Storm Flaps
Inner liner and curtains
Roof tensioning system
Using new Gore® Tenara® thread (resists UV, sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather and acid rain)
Ceiling fan/light mounts
Installation hardware

Available Upgrades

304 grade stainless steel frame
316 marine grade stainless steel frame
Blockout canvas (prevents silhouetting)
Insulation stitched between two layers of canvas
Aluminum framed double glazed doors and windows
Stove jack for a wood burning stove
Wood pole ring beams
Wood pole uprights
Fire Retardant applied to all fabrics

Where can you put the tents?

We can customize the tents to handle any environment



Tropics & Beaches

100% Waterproof

Extreme cold

Strong against wind

*Only a small portion of the corner ends of the frame are visable from the outside of the tent. No part of the frame is visable inside the tent.

The Truth

Does Exclusive Tents manufacture their own tents, or are they a reseller?
We are very proud to say we manufacture our own tents in our own factory in South Africa. We are completely independent from any other manufacturer or resellers.

We saw your pictures on another website, whats going on here?
Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. But our logo is on the side of those tents, and “the other guys" can’t change that.

How is it that your tents are the best but more affordable?
Simple, we operate on smaller profit margins to offer the best prices for a better product. That is what good honest companies do.

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