What will your tent come with?

Your choice between: Galvanized steel, 304, or 316 stainless steel frames
PVC Rain Fly
80% Shade Fly
405 GSM Pre Manufactured Canvas Tent Body
Square Tubing (for securing walls to the platform)
Body Poles, Ridge Poles and Tensioning Straps
Standard Zip-up Windows and Doors - Screened with Storm Flaps
(Wood Frame doors/windows optional extra).
Bull Denim Inner Liner and matching Drapes


Availbile Serengeti Sizes

4 Leg Serengeti:
16.7' x 20.7' footprint (6.3m x 5.1m)
5 Leg Serengeti:
16.7' x 27.5' footprint (8.4m x 5.1m)
Six Leg Serengeti
16.7' x 34.4' footprint (10.5m x 5.1m)
Available Canvas Body Sizes:
11 feet 6 inches x 15 feet (4.6m x 3.5m)
11 feet 6 inches x 17 feet (5.2m x 3.5m)
11 feet 6 inches x 19 feet 4 inches (5.9m x 3.5m)
11 feet 6 inches x 21 feet 7 inches (6.6m x 3.5m)
If you want to add space in the back of the tent for a bathroom, adding an extra 6 feet 6 inches (roughly 2m) to the back of your tent. The bathroom will have a screened roof for extra ventilation.

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