Satao Safari Tent in Australia




A family in Australia are proud owners a Satao tent. This tent was setup on a private property, and is used to get away from the city, and enjoy time with their family.    

This tent already has an interesting story. We received a few emails from the client one morning. The start of the first message started with “I haven’t been able to bring myself yet to email you. This is good news, and bad news! Well it’s certainly good for Exclusive Tents. 

We had finished by Sunday lunch (1.5 days work) and everyone left. Rob stayed behind to do some farm work .  He rang me about 3pm and was weird – I thought he was injured.  He had just got back to the shed and saw the weather closing in. Then it hit , a mini tornado !!!

Here at Exclusive Tents, we haven’t knowingly had one of our tents get hit by a tornado before. 

Rob could not believe what he was watching as we have had the property for 14 years and nothing like this has happened . It came and went quickly and we were unfortunately in the line .  Farmers had silos blow away!  Our packed up camper trailer moved 2 metres on the jockey wheel…

So now you can say your tents are tornado (Australian) proof!
Just for your interest I found a wind speed in the area on the day the mini tornado happened (nothing like the US ones).  It was between 132 and 177 kph (82 and 109 mph).

Safari Tent in Australia
Satao Safari Tent