Canvas & Orchids 



Feb, 2016

Canvas & Orchids Retreat is a unique luxury Cambodian eco-lodge located in the Kingdom of Wonder. Our collection of floating and on-land tented villas will provide you with a once in a lifetime experience in the beauty and splendour of the Cardamom Rainforest.

We were the first in the world to place luxury tents on floating pontoons and each tented villa has been designed to provide you with the highest levels of comfort, quality and luxury. Much of the furniture has been crafted from durable water hyacinth plant that grows abundantly in the area and there are private sundecks on each of the floating tent structures. Our Island Tents are specifically designed for young families to enjoy.

*Formally known as 4 Rivers Floating Lodge

Some ten years ago, while designing our 4 Rivers Floating Lodge – which was supposed to float some wooden bungalows – I discovered the beautiful tents of Paul. Majestic, luxurious, easy to install – that was my first feeling, and that made them an obvious choice for 4 Rivers.

Then, I discovered Paul Zway! He is dreaming tents, breathing tents, talking tents. He is loving them so much that you cannot stop listening. Our relationship started AFTER purchasing the tents for 4 Rivers. When some suppliers are considering the job done when they delivered the goods, Paul and Angelika were always close and listening. Maintenance items and spare parts were always delivered promptly, delivery terms respected, promises never broken in ten years. So it was all natural when it turned to friendship…

Valentin Pawlik

Owner of Canvas & Orchids Retreat

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4 rivers floating lodge
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