Raúl Arias - Owner: Canopy Tower, Lodge & Camp. Panama

"In late 2013 I installed 8 Exclusive Tents in our new lodge in Darien and we are very happy with the results. I wanted to transmit a sense of adventure and an intimate contact with nature for the guests of our new lodge and that feeling is best achieved through a well built, spacious, comfortable tent. We are beginning our 6th year and the equipment is holding well in a wet, tropical climate. The after sales service is also very good. Paul Zway, the Krazy African, has provided timely and valuable advice and he is more than a salesman, he is a friend."

Katherine McCartney - Director of Operations, TED Conferences.

"The unique tenting products at Exclusive Tents enabled our Operations team to raise the design standards of our conference in Long Beach and provide a springboard for next years level of quality and craftsmanship. We are very excited to have the Mopani tent in our permanent inventory and will be proud to showcase this structure for many TED conferences to come. "

Wiley Horton

"I have ordered two tents from Exclusive, both of which were customized to my specifications. The tents were delivered exactly as I ordered them. Paul and his staff supplied good tech support so that I could install them. I recommend Exclusive to anyone thinking of a tented camp."

Ian Oram Keytask Management LTD

"Exclusive Tents have a wealth of knowledge on tent design, options, structures, insulation - everything you need to take your project forward. They are innovative and performers, a pleasure to work with".

Donald Squires

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity Paul provides knowledgeable and pertinent information about his tents. He is extremely personable and follows through on everything very quickly. He is conscientious, capable, and concerned about his clients. I have bought a tent from him and was extremely satisfied with his service and product. The purchase had a small glitch which he instantly rectified by air freighting a replacement at his considerable expense. I was very favorably impressed." June 18, 2009

Bas Van Straten

"Warm greetings from Koyao Island Resort, Phang Nga Thailand. We would like to thank you for all your efforts during our process of ordering, select the material, delivery and assistance during the set up. The way how your company handled our order gained allot of trust and I am sure, a long lasting relationship. Working with the Thais and to build our own tent, here on a remote Island of Phuket, was a big challenge. With your photographic assistance I became very helpful and essential during the installation process. Our recommendation would be, for any who will build it natural tree logs, to wait with this installation until the frame has come. It is easier, although the guided drawings are a big help. Our clients enjoyed the first trail stays from the first January until end of May. We are now fine tune the last bits and will be open in November again for business. And guess what we already have our first repeaters! I can recommend any one who is considering to build a tented lodge, to work with this fine product. (however, not for those in South Thailand as we like our unique feature"

Tippi Hedren

"Just a quick thank you for providing us with the two authentic Safari tents gracing The Shambala Preserve. As you know, we rescue great and lesser exotic cats born in the U.S. to be sold as pets or for commercial or circus use. The Roar Foundation, the 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation that supports the Preserve financially is looking for ways to raise funds to give sanctuary to 65-70 Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Serval, etc. for their entire lives. You helped fulfill my dream of having two Authentic Safari tents in a beautiful Shambala setting, overlooking the Shambala Lake; in close enough proximity to see the Lions and Tigers, including Neverland's Thriller and Sabu, and hear their magnificent roars. As hoped, it is a very successful fundraising venue. It is enhanced with a walk to meet the Wild Ones, a brief stop for tea or lemonade with delicious treats, then on to your Safari Tent. There your luggage has arrived, you relax, overlooking the lake, your gourmet dinner has arrived under the gazebo. Tippi will join you, if you please, to hear stories about Shambala, Safaris in Africa and a thousand things. Your tent awaits you with its elegant furnishings, African or a slight European style. The king size feather bed with a down comforter and netting surrounding the bed lend to the romance of thee tent. You sleep only to be awakened by the lions roaring or the train speeding by to somewhere. In the morning wild birds will be your wake-up call. If you are a "Birder" be sure to bring your binoculars! The birds love Shambala; the ravens, because they are carnivorous, and steal breakfast from the lions and tigers, and of course, for Tippi. The lake brings in migratory birds, and of course, the 20 some species who call Shambala home! The next morning your breakfast will magically appear on the deck of your tent. You may prefer breakfast in your hammock. Tigers, "Thriller and Sabu" will keep watch over you. "Leo" Lion will magnificently roar for you. "Chaing" tiger may watch you through the window in the bamboo shower Tippi had designed so you could watch the "Chaing". We want your safari to be as special and memorable as possible. The tents and the Wild Ones will make it possible. Come meet the Wild Ones of Shambala, animals and human - Tippi"... We encourage anyone so inclined to please donate to Tippi's wild animal sanctuary and cause.

You can find our tents throughout the world. If you do not see your location on this map, write us here.