The Private Collection

3 designs ranging in size from
6.8M2 / 73 Ft2 to 13.5M2 / 145 Ft2


The Private Collection

These three tents were designed with social distancing in mind, and they are eminently customizable as well. Ranging in sizes from 6.8 m2 (73 ft2) to 12 m2 (129 ft2), and designed to suit any installation area, bringing luxury to beachside venues, family events, resort grounds, and more. From poolside tents to restaurant sidewalk dining tents, this COVID dining solution delivers a luxury dining experience that can be branded to any degree necessary, whether that’s a minimalist look, “driftwood chic”, or something more traditional.

“We live in a changed time,” explains Paul Zway Owner of the company. “Restaurants, hotels, resorts, even private homeowners need a way to ensure social distancing while providing protection and comfort while dining. Our dining solutions combine luxury and elegance with glamping designs to create a unique social distancing solutions.”

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What will your tent come with?

38mm (1.49 in) mild steel roof frame and legs with outriggers painted with rust resistant epoxy. All designed for extra strength, rigidity and longevity.
PVC rain fly
Extra Block shade fly
Pre manufactured 420 GSM canvas tent body (standard canvas without insulation or blockout properties)
Square tubing (for securing walls to the platform)
Body poles
Graphite PVC coated window and door screens.
Zip up inner window storm flaps
Inner liner and curtains
Roof tensioning system
Using new Gore® Tenara® thread (resists UV, sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather and acid rain)
Ceiling fan/light mounts
Installation hardware
Various fabric color options

Available Upgrades

304 grade stainless steel frame
316 marine grade stainless steel frame
49 mm (1.92 in) frame thickness
Insulation stitched between two layers of canvas
Fire Retardant applied to canvas body, rain fly and shade fly.

Mculu Tent

6.8 m2 - 73 ft2

Click here » to download zoomable Mculu drawings

Kumba Tent

11.1 m2 - 119 ft2

Click here » to download zoomable Kumba drawings

Ngodzi Tent

12 m2 - 129 ft2

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Click here » to download zoomable drawings

Where can you put the tents?

We can customize the tents to handle any environment



Tropics & Beaches

100% Waterproof

Extreme cold

Strong against wind

Restaurant & Cafe Dining Tents
Social Distancing Structures
Small Glamping Tents
Private Dining Tents
Backyard Luxury Tents
Luxury Glamping Tents in Africa

The Truth

Does Exclusive Tents manufacture their own tents, or are they a reseller?
We are very proud to say we manufacture our tents in our factory in South Africa. We are completely independent from any other manufacturer or resellers.

We saw your pictures on another website, whats going on here?
Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. But our logo is on the side of those tents, and “the other guys" can’t change that.

How is it that your tents are the best but more affordable?
Simple, we operate on smaller profit margins to offer the best prices for a better product. That is what good honest companies do.

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