There is no tent like an Exclusive Tent

Guest houses, vacation homes, alternative living, yoga fitness room, or private getaway. Have something special, everyone deserves luxury in their lives.

How it all works


Understand your environment

Where are you planning on placing the tent? By the ocean, desert, or mountains?

No need to permit

Most of the time our customers do not need permiting to setup their tent. It is considered a "temporary" structure. But please check with your county.

Make your space so you

whether you want your tent pool side or tucked away in the woods we can make it personalized. We offer tons of free color and design options that allow you to make your personal space just the way you like it. You no longer have to be an artist to express your self with canvas!

We are here to help you through the process

We have been setting up tents for over a decade, and nobody has more knowledge. Use our experience to your advantage

The Process

It takes time to craft a masterpiece

On average it takes 8 - 10 weeks to manufacture tents. This time will be increased for large orders.

You name it we can ship it there

We can ship the tents to any major port in the world. We offer both ocean and air freight shipping.

Everything looks better on a deck

All of our designs require a decking. This will add an extra sparkle to your setup.

We will even come out and help!

We can have a representative come out and assist you in the setup, which makes the process quick and painless.

We've got your back!

Over 2000 clients trust us

Over 2000 clients have used our products. This also include repeats.

Manufacturing Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects, however, we don’t feel like you will need it!

We have worked with everyone

We have done it all. From a small back yard tent, to full resorts. Even Richard Branson thought our tents were neat!

Now that we have been acquainted

Lets pick out your tent
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