What is a Tent Pavilion?

The concept of Tent Pavilions is a collection of tents on a single wooden platform that can be on split levels, that form a single accommodation unit.

It can be any number of tents in any configuration and can consist of a single design or a mix of tent designs.

The tents that best suite the concept for Pavilion Tent Layouts are the Fish Eagle, Kambaku, Bateleur, Dzombo, Bububu, Shilowa, Phelwane, Mambrrr, and Kingfisher Tents. With this family of tents, one will be able to keep the same roof profile no matter what combination of tents you mix together.

Below are a few examples of some typical Pavilion Tent Layouts and we can help with a custom design wooden deck to meet your specific requirements.


Optional Extras

Basic Insulation
Full Insulation (Requires wood frame windows and doors)
Fire Retardant to all fabrics
Inner Storm Flaps Fan Mounts

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